About us

We have four core ambitions when we set out to make a piece: FunctionalityCraftsmanship, Uniqueness, and Customization.


Each piece is thoughtfully designed with functionality in mind. We desire the recipient of to use them to get full enjoyment from the integrated artistic elements. We employ materials (finishes, epoxy, paint) that are safe in the use environment so it can be utilized with confidence.


Our focus on quality is almost our downfall. We hold ourselves to high standards, and desire to accomplish excellence in every piece we make, regardless of the product. We employ handcrafting methods and strive to perfect our techniques rather than rely on automation and other methods. Our products are by no means ‘perfect’, but imperfections are reminders of the human effort employed in making the piece.


We utilize fractal burning techniques using various Lichtenberg devices producing 1500 – 10,000 volts of electricity. Applying the electrical current to wood creates unusual and unique patterns resembling lightning. We source as much of our wood as possible from local, sustainability focused mills (they do not cut down trees unless they are already dead, they harvest fallen trees). We believe in supporting small businesses and collaborative efforts to build the community.


We incorporate various techniques (stenciling, pyrography, routing, and other methods) to create one-of-a-kind pieces. We thoroughly enjoy making personalized, profound, and eye-catching items commemorating special occasions (engagements, weddings, births, memorials, family mementos).

So when you want to give something that will last a lifetime, be outstanding, and be truly one-of-a-kind, please consider letting us work with you. We would be overjoyed to help you give your ‘special someone’ something truly spectacular!